Aug/Sep 2017


There has been so much potential unleashed that it feels inspiring yet also abrupt and scattering. I am thankful for this Mercury retrograde in Virgo because it offers a moment of reprieve and an opportunity to collect ourselves, organize our intellectual and emotional environments, reevaluate directions, and on the mundane, physical level, catch up on our to do list. It’s a good idea to release anything that is no longer helpful including excessive worry and anxiety. By doing this, the energy opens up to progress with renewed feelings of inspiration and optimism. If you are facing themes of criticism or self-doubt in your life, it would be helpful to instead focus on Self-Love and Surrender as well as what makes your Heart happy.
The good news is that Saturn went direct on Aug 25 providing another source of stabilizing energy. Jupiter sextile Saturn this last week of August will expand our understanding of our personal and collective Truths and how these Truths can contribute to our personal and collective harmonies. The big solar eclipse event of Aug brought in a moment of egoic renewal and rebirth, the intensity of which we have yet to see as the future unfolds. This eclipse initiated the transformation of the personal ego and of the past. As the ego forms and actualizes its creative purpose (Leo), there comes a reevaluation and reintegration period (Virgo) in which the individual can move from egocentricity to service of the collective. Often the Virgoan journey can take the form of personal crisis but the lesson is to grow and transform intentionally. Thus, there has been a call to transform our consciousness and with a sense of revolution and great heart. At every major point in evolution, it is important to take the time to integrate the lessons and experiences up until that point and the next couple months provide the occasion to do this.