June/July 2017

So far 2017 has been a year where our Venetian values have come into focus. Any upsets or difficult feelings that have come to the surface are opportunities to clarify our values and understand what has meaning to us. Building and relating from these values will be incredibly important as we move into the future. A grand fire trine between Uranus, Saturn and north node in Leo mid-June provides some ease, hope and optimism to practice this new direction with vision in our day to day life, relationships and initiatives we are involved in. Interestingly, both the Full Moon in 18° Sagittarius AND Jupiter going stationary direct on Jun 9th spiraled in a moment that either heightened the excitement or dampened it bringing in mixed feelings. Some temporary upsets in relationships may have occurred and Neptune’s retrograde motion in Pisces a week later may have brought on depression and energy lows.


Chiron’s retrograde in Pisces on July 1st may only add to the depression and surface deeper wounds. However, the Neptune/Jupiter quincunx from July 3-14 can be a productive time where we become aware of delusions and fantasies we have adopted consciously or unconsciously and how they have contributed to our unhappiness. The June New Moon in Cancer began the feeling journey as we change and the Full Moon in 17° Capricorn on July 9 will illuminate where and how we should take more responsibility. Overall, it will be important to remain inspired and creative as we move into the second half of the year as the journey to find balance continues.