A New Vision ~

The nodes of the moon have shifted into the Leo/Aquarius axis until November of 2018. We can look forward to a lighter energy in the air and taking some time to play. The theme of this shift is to create a more innovative future, which incorporates heart and high creativity in a way that benefits and unites as many people in the social collective as possible. Transforming the system of patriarchy is a huge part of this new direction. Negative tones of the patriarchy were evident during the Pisces/Virgo axis this last year and a half and included the ever so repeated themes of judgment, persecution guilt and masochism; the patriarchal system itself began a few thousand years ago during the Capricorn subage of Cancer. With Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and until 2023, the patriarchal system and the opportunity to transform it is at the forefront. Thus this new shift into Leo/Aquarius brings that special moment to plan and implement some deep changes. With Uranus in Aries still in the sky and ruling Aquarius, a highpowered time for fanning the fires of a new rebellion is at our fingertips. One could really feel the stirring of these fiery, initiating energies during the Uranus/Mercury conjunctions recently.


A trine between north node in Leo and Mercury in Aries during the middle of the month gently guides us to think about how we are going to take new action. A Saturn/Mercury trine reinforces this. A Uranus/Saturn trine until the 25th helps us focus on how to use this inventive, rebellious energy to create honest societal foundations. Look forward to some increased mental energy as Uranus sextiles Mars in Gemini at the tail end of the month. It might be easy to feel ungrounded with all this energy and movement but a Jupiter in Libra/Neptune in Pisces quincunx the next couple of weeks can help achieve a new level of balance and harmony with some reflection and self-analysis from which you can gain an expanded consciousness.