Full Moon in Libra ~ Apr 11

LibralightThe Full Moon in Libra is finishing up shining its Light from a couple days ago, providing a point in time where we can be still for a moment to look at the view. We haven’t reached THE peak, but we have reached A peak. We need a breather and an awareness of where we are. This Full Moon is showing us a balance point from which to build and explore.

Venus has been highlighting the area of values and it rules Libra and Taurus. Noting where and how we experience grief, harm and insult to our inner natures helps us become aware of how we need to implement our values in our lives. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra in the background, growth and expansion with respect to values in relationships and how we experience harmony is encouraged.

The good news is we get a little break from the judgmental, persecutory and irrational backdrop represented by the Virgo/Pisces nodal axes of the moon that society has been drowned in. Even though it is always there, its existence on the forefront of collective consciousness over the last year and a half cannot be denied. The nodes will be shifting to the Leo/Aquarius axis (phew!) on May 9th until Nov 2018 providing some air/fire relief from the water/earth elements. A Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus on the 19th may even give you a glimpse of a New Earth.

The moon makes conjunctions to the South Node, Neptune, Venus and Chiron all in Pisces during the fourth weekend of April, providing a moment to say goodbye to the past and to close the chapter. Perhaps we can look at certain bruises and traumas one last time in an elevating way. They can become the platform from which you help yourself and others in clarity and happiness. Humanitarianism and social invention will hopefully transcend pride and exclusiveness in Leo/Aquarius.