Retrograde Central ~

Saturn turns retrograde for the last time in Sagittarius this week until end of Aug 2017. Next week it squares Venus retrograde and direct in Pisces throughout mid-April. To add to the reflection and reevaluation that has been set up for us, Mercury goes retrograde April 9th until the beginning of May.

Saturn is guiding us to ‘get real’ and be truthful about our external and internal realities. Questions like what is the real picture? where are their lies and weaknesses? and what is my truth? should be honestly answered. Also ‘what is it I want to explore and take chances on?’ before Saturn moves into Capricorn end of Dec, when ideas begin to solidify. The Saturn/Venus square inspires us to create a future with faith and groundedness, rather than fantasy and confusion. We are encouraged to work hard and stay true to our values. Indeed we may need to get clear on what exactly our values are in life.


Both Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades provide positive reflection opportunities and Mercury retrograde begins in Taurus and ends in Aries. Finances and resources are coming to the forefront. A supportive trine between Saturn and Mercury retrogrades end of April might teach us how to make helpful changes. Overall, the theme of refinement and invention is prominent. A Uranus/Mercury conjunction at the tail end of April will keep us at it, possibly making us wonder if we’re ever going to get what we want or inspiring us to new heights. Thankfully, a new moon in Taurus on the 26th gives us a chance to make intentions and wishes around what we want our finances and resources to look like in the future.