New Moon in Aries ~ Mar 27

This New moon in Aries brings the occasion to make intentions regarding what you would like to manifest in your life over the coming year. It’s the spring equinox and beginning of a new zodiac year, bringing a fresh start. The Moon, Sun and Venus are all actually hanging out in Aries, ready to take the leap, but with some hesitancy. Venus retrograde enters Pisces on Apr 2nd conjuncting Chiron mid April, potentially inviting us to fall back into victimhood, pain and persecution (yet again). But Venus is questioning the foundation and values we have set in place thus far. Do we value healing and empathy? Do we move from a place of determination and adventure or do we remain fearful and confused?


There is this tension between Aries and Pisces, between pioneering and blazing forward and then tripping over ourselves with stubbornness, selfishness and self-pity, building friction and getting us nowhere. Tendencies for this friction to occur exist in the near future with Chiron squaring Saturn retrograde end of April to a heavy degree and Chiron generally transiting Pisces through the spring of 2018, inviting us to transform our beliefs and thus consciousness.

The new moon emphasizes that we are always in control and no external force can ever truly trip us on our path. We become accountable by taking responsibility for every challenge and emotion we come across. What kind of changes do you envision two weeks from now during a Full Moon in Libra and Venus going direct?