Venus Retrograde ~ Mar 4 to Apr 15

What an interesting whirlwind of a few weeks we’ve had. I held off on writing about the sky because I wanted to let things settle so I could collect my thoughts. During this Venus retrograde (beginning Mar 4), I’ve finally gotten a pause although it’s very brief. The lunar and solar eclipses of February ended a cycle for good and now there’s no going back. Rocky foundations laid before then can look forward to a rocky road ahead; though, the rest of the year provides a good opportunity to plant any new seeds you would like.
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Jupiter’s retrograde motion (in Libra) beginning Feb 6th blew a tailwind at us in the area of relationships and harmony. Its opposition to Uranus on Mar 2nd may have given you some flashes of insight around your approach. Jupiter’s quincunx to Chiron mid Feb may have you probing into the meaning of it all. The Jupiter/Pluto square (end of March) is what makes everything feel so heavy and makes the area of relating a serious and difficult one. However, with Pluto, one cannot expect anything less as it is the planet of total Transformation and Soul Power and requires a deep commitment to regeneration and growth.

Venus will be retrograding in Aries throughout the rest of March. Think back to a cycle that may have began eight years ago for you. Is there anything beginning and ending for you? Venus in Aries is the quintessential archetype of the Warrior Goddess. Rather than becoming confused and despondent, you can use the Power of this Goddess to regenerate your Strength and Vision. It is important to move forward with the positive qualities of the Goddess as it can be very easy to become swayed by the darker forces, so to speak, of the mind with so much power. Perhaps, Venus’ retrograde motion into Pisces beginning of April will remind us to always stay centered in Compassion and Universal Love with Power.