Healing or horror as Mercury moves direct?

Mercury is going direct this weekend (Jan 8th) and your tendency to leave your atm card in the machine will hopefully subside for some time! All planets will be direct from the 8th to Feb 6th, giving us a relatively stable and noneventful month to recoup and a sigh of relief. The stresses are still there but it’s also time to play.

Today, I’m feeling like I’m coming out of an intensely dark void of turmoil and confusion, probably fueled by Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto with its intensely deep journey into places we could hardly think of gets a moment of reprieve with the Sun. I can see healing and hope on the horizon and the full moon in Cancer on Jan 12th will bring some inspiration and comfort. We can actually take heart in the moment.

But although healing and hope are present, the potential for continued chaos is great. People killed by a shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport? How can we ever imagine this? This is the intense paradox presented by Sun conjunct Pluto, by life and death: ecstasy and happiness alongside despair and horror. I have Sun conjunct Pluto natally so I feel this paradox all the time and the dichotomy is hard to come to terms with. So even though it feels like I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, the tone of warning is so close by and I don’t want to be consumed with it (like I have been).

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces darkens the mood, showing us the undesirable characteristics of laziness, victimhood and evil, or lightens it with Divinity and devotion. Deeper levels of disconnect and enormous confusion will unearth as well as the dissonance suffocating the harmony that wants to surface (Jupiter in Libra).

This month presents a stable moment in which we can face the guilt we as a collective have been conditioned to feel and so prevalent in our minds (Virgo opposed Pisces). The cycle of torture and masochism begins with guilt and it will continue if the cycle of guilt does not end. We often look to blame and instead of asking first ‘who is guilty’ we can ask ‘who needs healing’? The answer then will surely be ‘everyone.’ Then the hate that ironically begins in Pisces can end in Pisces and the anger can dissolve into Oneness.