Uranus direct and opposed Jupiter in Libra and New Moon in Capricorn ~ Dec 29

Uranus goes direct next week taking its epiphanies and lessons with it into the New Year. With Jupiter also directly opposed it in Libra, these epiphanies can be magnified and the overall potential underneath is deep if not magical, especially in terms of relationship. With Chiron in the mix, we can heal any hurt that has come to the surface and feel grateful for the blessings we have in our lives.

uranus-11626_640The New Moon in Capricorn will also be occurring simultaneously with Uranus direct – talk about a potent opportunity! It’s an excellent time to reflect how you’re going to operate in your relationships with respect to certain disappointments and dynamics you’ve experienced. You can solidify these changes and make it your brick and mortar method of operation so to speak moving forward. Balance is the key with Jupiter in Libra through Oct 2017.