Super Full Moon in Taurus ~ Nov 14

superfullmoonintaurusToday’s Super Full Moon in Taurus illuminates and shows us where we stand in this fixed, present moment. Taurus, a fixed earth sign, helps us see where we need to ‘stock up,’ and assess what resources we will need moving into the future. I feel this moon is also helping us take heed in our immediate surroundings and guiding us to draw on our inner warmth. We are also reminded to be steadfast and motivated in our worthy endeavors.

Neptune will be going direct this coming Fri, Nov. 19th in Pisces. It has been retrograde since mid-June providing many opportunities for confusion, delusion and submersion into the dark spaces of our minds. Thankfully, Neptune direct will be like a candle lit giving us hope and a path to see but with vigilance. I think this full moon and Neptune direct blend beautifully together as Neptune sparks our imaginations with inspiration, and even ecstasy, while the Moon in Taurus leads the way. If you feel stuck or down at any time, draw upon the compassionate energy of Pisces and the fish. This beautiful water energy can calm the stubborn bull, exemplified by Taurus.