New Moon in Scorpio ~ Happy Diwali

There’s a lot of potential in the sky right now and we need to be very conscious moving forward if we want to keep tensions at a minimum. I feel the energies can go to either extreme: we plunge into conflict, lying and stagnancy or we expand our awareness about the Truth and of our subconscious.

diwaliThe New Moon in Scorpio today give us a potent opportunity to make an intention to expand our consciousness into Truth (Jupiter). We can apply this intention in all realms of our lives including family, relationships, work, society and politics over the coming months. We had a full moon in Aries a couple weeks ago and a lot of fire energy was unleashed. We can use this fire to be inspired and provide warmth to each other rather than become irritated and temperamental (Mars square Uranus). There has been another level of intensity and pain unleashed over the past few months and it is pretty overwhelming and understandably, hard to remain hopeful and thus seeing the potential for Love and growth in the future hardly remains within view. But the Light we can give to each other even in our most mundane moments, I feel, may be the key to a brighter future as we look further into ourselves for Clarity and Kindness. May the Light of Love and Goodness Always Brighten our Consciousness and May we walk each step with each other in Peace ~ HAPPY DIWALI