Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces and Mercury Direct in Virgo ~

We had a full moon lunar eclipse (penumbral) in Pisces on Sep 16th and Mercury will be going direct in Virgo on Sep 22nd. The theme that has been surfacing is service and forgiveness. It is important right now to reorient our minds to a commitment of service and to wiping the slate clean. Wherever imbalances in your life have been appearing will show you where you need to do this. We are at a critical juncture and the seeds we sow at this time will have very long lasting effects so it will be important to move forward with clear hearts and forgiveness. When a new level of balance (Libra) wants to come to the surface, it is often accompanied by confusion and conflict. This does not need to be the case, however, and when we start seeing, feeling and intuiting the initial signs of change, we should make the minor adjustments that need to be made at that time rather than letting chaos ensue. Nevertheless, at any stage of conflict and balance, we can use the Heart to clear away old energy and the past and then make a recommitment to move forward with balance and love. This ensures that a right beginning is taking place.

We are receiving the gifts of healing and rebirth through this lunar eclipse in Pisces as Pisces represents the end of the zodiac, the final dissolving of the ego and surrender to Unconditional Love and the Eternal. In the “end,” we Realize that we are One, Ek Onkaar. We can share these gifts in an effort to bring the Eternal and Unconditional Love continually into our consciousness.