Saturn direct ~ Aug 13

Saturn goes direct Aug 13th and Venus will be in Virgo for the rest of the month. I am happy to see Saturn go direct as it will give us some stabilizing energy we’ve been needing. The controlled, restricted feeling with Mars retrograde in Scorpio and in Sagittarius earlier this summer and the general war-like and combative presence of Scorpio and Aries made this a particularly emotionally difficult and energetically stuck summer. Mars retrograde in Scorpio only emphasized the intensity and we saw many violent terroristic events occur. I’m afraid Saturn in Scorpio from 2012 to 2015 laid the groundwork for battle and war. With Saturn also retrograde since end of March, feelings of restriction only made those with less consciousness incredibly frustrated. On a world level, violence and war and violation of human rights occur every day so arguably, these transits just exacerbated an existing reality. 

Every Mercury retrograde this year (four total, one at the end of the year into 2017) is in an Earth sign, either Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Mercury retrograde in Taurus this past May asked us to clarify our values. What values do we want satisfied in our relationships and work? Are there particular values, especially in terms of relating with one another, that can no longer be sacrificed or shoved under the rug? What about work ethics and how we work and discern, which might come up with Mercury retrograde in Virgo throughout September? Earlier in the year, Capricorn was strong and brought questions about our basic foundations to the forefront. Saturn direct in Sagittarius now will make us face the Truth. What is the Truth when it comes to our foundations.

Uranus will be retrograde in Aries until the end of the year and Chiron will be retrograde in Pisces until Dec 1st, and with both planets semisextile, we have an easier moment to delve into our wounds and to work to heal them. Pisces, the sign of unconditional surrender and compassion, can give us the self-love we need and Uranus can give us great insight if we look. Chiron, the wound and the healer, is erratic in its movement so its retrograde can give you the quietude and momentary stillness needed to go inward.