Mars Retrograde in Sag ~ mid Apr to end of Jun

Mars is currently retrograde until June 29th. The last time it was retrograde was about two years ago. Mars retrograde can be a frustrating time because the things you want to manifest may not and you may instead experience delays and setbacks. The wisdom behind this time is to take a step back and reevaluate what you want to manifest and/or how. It is wiser to work on other things that have been on the backburner rather than force those things that aren’t moving forward right now. With Mars retrograding in Sagittarius, you have an opportunity to expand your philosophy and thinking about the bigger picture behind what is going on in your life. Spending time outdoors in good weather or taking a trip somewhere will help you expand your mind. In essence, this is a great time to do some inner searching on a deep level (retrograde in Scorpio end of May).