New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces ~ Mar 8

The effects of a solar eclipse are usually seen a few months later meaning that what is surfacing or taking place around the eclipse has further culminations later on. This particular eclipse has a deeper energy with it and one of clearing out and cleansing. It is apt that it is also Shivratri, the Hindu occasion of worshipping Lord Shiva and His/Her Union and rise over ignorance and darkness. Lord Shiva, the Lord of Rebirth and Destruction, also the Lord of Cosmic Dance, is deeply present in this eclipse. This rebirthing energy will help clear away the specific thoughts and patterns that no longer serve us. Shiva’s presence and His/Her Unconditional Love (Pisces) also helps give unconditional love and compassion to ourselves as we let go of the past. We can dissolve some of the old energy and emotions our previous thoughts carried and be reminded to always bring gentleness and kindness to our inner selves as we are forever on the path of healing. ~ Happy Shivratri