June/July 2017

So far 2017 has been a year where our Venetian values have come into focus. Any upsets or difficult feelings that have come to the surface are opportunities to clarify our values and understand what has meaning to us. Building and relating from these values will be incredibly important as we move into the future. A grand fire trine between Uranus, Saturn and north node in Leo mid-June gave us hope, optimism and a even a sense of urgency to practice this new direction with vision in our day to day life, relationships and initiatives we are involved in. Interestingly, both the Full Moon in 18° Sagittarius AND Jupiter going stationary direct on Jun 9th spiraled in a moment that either heightened the excitement or dampened it bringing in mixed feelings. Jupiter direct could have unearthed some temporary upsets in relationships and Neptune’s retrograde motion in Pisces a week later may have brought on depression and energy lows.


Chiron’s retrograde in Pisces on July 1st may only add to the depression and surface deeper wounds. However, the Neptune/Jupiter quincunx from July 3rd-14th can be a productive time where we become aware of delusions and fantasies we have adopted consciously or unconsciously and how they have contributed to unhappiness. Mars in Cancer will help us look at these issues from the lens of self-nurturance and compassion. The June New Moon in Cancer started the feeling journey as we change and the Full Moon in 17° Capricorn on July 9th will illuminate where and how we should take more responsibility. Overall, it will be important to remain open to the inspirational and creative energies of Leo/Aquarius north/south nodes as we move into the second half of the year because tests in balance will continue as both Chiron and Neptune retrograde in Pisces until the beginning of Dec.

A New Vision ~


The nodes of the moon have shifted into the Leo/Aquarius axis until November of 2018. We can look forward to a lighter energy in the air and taking some time to play. The theme of this shift is to create a more innovative future, which incorporates heart and high creativity in a way that benefits and unites as many people in the social collective as possible. Transforming the system of patriarchy is a huge part of this new direction. Negative tones of the patriarchy were evident during the Pisces/Virgo axis this last year and a half and included the ever so repeated themes of judgment, persecution guilt and masochism; the patriarchal system itself began a few thousand years ago during the Capricorn subage of Cancer. With Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and until 2023, the patriarchal system and the opportunity to transform it is at the forefront. Thus this new shift into Leo/Aquarius brings that special moment to plan and implement some deep changes. With Uranus in Aries still in the sky and ruling Aquarius, a highpowered time for fanning the fires of a new rebellion is at our fingertips. One could really feel the stirring of these fiery, initiating energies during the Uranus/Mercury conjunctions recently.

A trine between north node in Leo and Mercury in Aries during the middle of the month gently guides us to think about how we are going to take new action. Both a Saturn/Mercury trine and Jupiter/Mars trine right before that reinforce this. A Uranus/Saturn trine until the 25th helps us focus on how to use this inventive, rebellious energy to create honest societal foundations. Look forward to some increased mental energy as Uranus sextiles Mars in Gemini at the tail end of the month. It might be easy to feel ungrounded with all this energy and movement but a Jupiter in Libra/Neptune in Pisces quincunx the next couple of weeks can help achieve a new level of balance and harmony with some reflection and self-analysis from which you can gain an expanded consciousness.

Full Moon in Libra ~ Apr 11

LibralightThe Full Moon in Libra is finishing up shining its Light from a couple days ago, providing a point in time where we can be still for a moment to look at the view. We haven’t reached THE peak, but we have reached A peak. We need a breather and an awareness of where we are. This Full Moon is showing us a balance point from which to build and explore into the future.

Venus has been highlighting the area of values and it rules Libra and Taurus. Noting where and how we experience grief, harm and insult especially to our inner natures helps us become aware of how we need to implement our values in our lives. Venus points to how to define our values and activate them in our relationships, work and the world. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra in the background, growth and expansion with respect to values in relationships and how we experience harmony is encouraged.

The good news is we get a little break from the judgmental, persecutory and irrational backdrop represented by the Virgo/Pisces nodal axes of the moon that society has been drowned in. Even though it is always there, its existence on the forefront of collective consciousness over the last year and a half cannot be denied. The nodes will be shifting to the Leo/Aquarius axis (phew!) on May 9th until Nov 2018 providing some air/fire relief from the water/earth elements (another phew!). A Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus on the 19th may even give you glimpses of a New Earth.

The moon makes conjunctions to the South Node, Neptune, Venus and Chiron all in Pisces during the fourth weekend of April, providing a moment to say this goodbye to the past and to close the chapter. Perhaps we can look at our bruises and traumas one last time in an elevating way. They can become the platform from which you help yourself and others in clarity and happiness. Humanitarianism and social invention will hopefully transcend pride and exclusiveness in Leo/Aquarius.

Retrograde Central ~

Saturn turns retrograde for the last time in Sagittarius this week until end of Aug 2017. Next week it squares Venus retrograde and direct in Pisces throughout mid-April. To add to the reflection and reevaluation that has been set up for us, Mercury goes retrograde April 9th until the beginning of May.

Saturn is guiding us to ‘get real’ and be truthful about our external and internal realities. Questions like what is the real picture?, where are their lies and weaknesses?, and what is my truth? should be honestly answered. Also ‘what is it I want to explore and take chances on?’ before Saturn moves into Capricorn end of Dec, when ideas begin to solidify. The Saturn/Venus square inspires us to create a future with faith and groundedness, rather than fantasy and confusion. We are encouraged to work hard and stay true to our values. Indeed we may need to get clear on what exactly our values are in life.Saturnretrograde

Both Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades provide positive reflection opportunities with respect to how we can achieve balance in any area of life. It is wise to use this Saturnian reflection time until August as a period for the refinement of ideas and action plans. Jupiter will provide opportune moments for material, emotional or psychological expansion if we look deeply and guidance on how to achieve harmoniously, with minimal discord.

And Mercury retrograde (as usual), beginning in Taurus and ending in Aries. Finances and resources are at the forefront especially since Mars is in Taurus. A supportive trine between Saturn and Mercury retrogrades end of April might teach us how to make helpful changes. Overall, the theme of refinement and invention is becoming prominent. A Uranus/Mercury conjunction at the tail end of April will keep us at it, possibly making us wonder if we’re ever going to get what we want or inspiring us to new heights. Thankfully, a new moon in Taurus on the 26th gives us a chance to make intentions and wishes around what we want our finances and resources to look like in the future.

New Moon in Aries ~ Mar 27

This New moon in Aries brings the occasion to make intentions regarding what you would like to manifest in your life over the coming year that can also be made over the next two days. It’s the spring equinox and beginning of a new zodiac year, bringing a fresh start. The Moon, Sun and Venus are all actually hanging out in Aries, ready to take the leap, but with some hesitancy. Venus retrograde enters Pisces on Apr 2nd conjuncting Chiron mid April, potentially inviting us to fall back into victimhood, pain and persecution (yet again). But Venus is questioning the foundation and values we have set in place thus far. Do we value healing and empathy? Do we move from a place of determination and adventure or do we remain fearful and confused?


There is this tension between Aries and Pisces, between pioneering and blazing forward and then tripping over ourselves with stubbornness, selfishness and self-pity, building friction and getting us nowhere. Tendencies for this friction to occur exist in the near future with Chiron squaring Saturn retrograde end of April to a heavy degree and Chiron generally transiting Pisces through the spring of 2018, inviting us to transform our beliefs and thus consciousness.

The new moon emphasizes that we are always in control and no external force can ever truly trip us on our path. We become accountable by taking responsibility for every challenge and emotion we come across. What kind of changes do you envision two weeks from now during a Full Moon in Libra and Venus going direct?

Venus Retrograde ~ Mar 4 to Apr 15

What an interesting whirlwind of a few weeks we’ve had. I held off on writing about the sky because I wanted to let things settle so I could collect my thoughts. During this Venus retrograde (beginning Mar 4), I’ve finally gotten a pause although it’s very brief. The lunar and solar eclipses of February ended a cycle for good and now there’s no going back. Rocky foundations laid before then can look forward to a rocky road ahead; though, the rest of the year provides a good opportunity to plant any new seeds you would like.
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Jupiter’s retrograde motion (in Libra) beginning Feb 6th blew a tailwind at us in the area of relationships and harmony. Its opposition to Uranus on Mar 2nd may have given you some flashes of insight around your approach. Jupiter’s quincunx to Chiron mid Feb may have you probing into the meaning of it all. The Jupiter/Pluto square (end of March) is what makes everything feel so heavy and makes the area of relating a serious and difficult one. However, with Pluto, one cannot expect anything less as it is the planet of total Transformation and Soul Power and requires a deep commitment to regeneration and growth.

Venus will be retrograding in Aries throughout the rest of March. Think back to a cycle that may have began eight years ago for you. Is there anything beginning and ending for you? Venus in Aries is the quintessential archetype of the Warrior Goddess. Rather than becoming confused and despondent, you can use the Power of this Goddess to regenerate your Strength and Vision. It is important to move forward with the positive qualities of the Goddess as it can be very easy to become swayed by the darker forces, so to speak, of the mind with so much power. Perhaps, Venus’ retrograde motion into Pisces beginning of April will remind us to always stay centered in Compassion and Universal Love with Power.

New Moon in Aquarius ~ Jan 27

I can’t think of a better moment to dream a new vision for the future and to deepen any plans for healthy rebellion. If there’s any area in your life with which you have become increasingly dissatisfied, it might be time to start a revolution. You can take advantage of this next week to work on your vision but an Aquarian aroma will pervade throughout February with Mercury moving into Aquarius on Feb 7th. Mars will move into Aries tomorrow for 6 weeks and Venus will be in Aries until the beginning of June so there is a lot of supportive energy to pioneer and charge forward! But with all this heightened energy in the air, it will be important to channel any feelings of aggression, impulsiveness and impatience into healthy actions of courage, determination and optimism. Strong leadership and honesty are the keys to advancing successful plans.