Venus Retrograde ~ Mar 4 to Apr 15

What an interesting whirlwind of a few weeks we’ve had. I held off on writing about the sky because I wanted to let things settle so I could collect my thoughts. During this Venus retrograde (beginning Mar 4), I’ve finally gotten a pause although it’s very brief. The lunar and solar eclipses of February ended a cycle for good and now there’s no going back. Rocky foundations laid before then can look forward to a rocky road ahead; though, the rest of the year provides a good opportunity to plant any new seeds you would like.
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Jupiter’s retrograde motion (in Libra) beginning Feb 6th blew a tailwind at us in the area of relationships and harmony. Its opposition to Uranus on Mar 2nd may have given you some flashes of insight around your approach. Jupiter’s inconjunct to Chiron mid Feb continued the need for inner adjustments to foster harmony as opposed to outer adjustments, although inner changes provoke outer ones. The Jupiter/Pluto square (end of March) is what makes everything feel so heavy and makes the area of relating a serious and difficult one. However, with Pluto, one cannot expect anything less as it is the planet of total Transformation and Soul Power and requires a deep commitment to regeneration and growth.

Venus will be retrograding in Aries throughout the rest of March. Think back to a cycle that may have began eight years ago for you. Is there anything beginning and ending for you? Venus in Aries is the quintessential archetype of the Warrior Goddess. Rather than becoming confused and despondent, you can use the Power of this Goddess to regenerate your Strength and Vision. It is important to move forward with the positive qualities of the Goddess as it can be very easy to become swayed by the darker forces, so to speak, of the mind with so much power. Perhaps, Venus’ retrograde motion into Pisces beginning of April will remind us to always stay centered in Compassion and Universal Love with Power.

New Moon in Aquarius ~ Jan 27

I can’t think of a better moment to dream a new vision for the future and to deepen any plans for healthy rebellion. If there’s any area in your life with which you have become increasingly dissatisfied, it might be time to start a revolution. You can take advantage of this next week to work on your vision but an Aquarian aroma will pervade throughout February with Mercury moving into Aquarius on Feb 7th. Mars will move into Aries tomorrow for 6 weeks and Venus will be in Aries until the beginning of June so there is a lot of supportive energy to pioneer and charge forward! But with all this heightened energy in the air, it will be important to channel any feelings of aggression, impulsiveness and impatience into healthy actions of courage, determination and optimism. Strong leadership and honesty are the keys to advancing successful plans.

Healing or horror as Mercury moves direct?

Mercury is going direct this weekend (Jan 8th) and your tendency to leave your atm card in the machine will hopefully subside for some time. All planets will be direct from the 8th to Feb 6th, giving us a relatively stable and noneventful month to recoup and a sigh of relief. The stresses are still there but it’s also time to play.

Today, I’m feeling like I’m coming out of an intensely dark void of turmoil and confusion after a long time, probably fueled by Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto with its intensely deep journey into places we could hardly think of get a moment of reprieve with the Sun. I can see healing and hope on the horizon and the full moon in Cancer on Thur, Jan 12th will enhance feelings of inspiration and comfort. We can actually take heart in the moment.

But although healing and hope are present, the potential for continued chaos is great. People killed by a shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport? How can we ever imagine this? This is the intense paradox presented by Sun conjunct Pluto, by life and death: heightened ecstasy and happiness alongside the worst despair and horror. I have Sun conjunct Pluto natally so I feel this paradox all the time and the dichotomy is hard to come to terms with and in fact, human consciousness cannot answer this paradox. So even though it feels like I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, the tone of warning is so close by and I don’t want to be consumed with it (like I have been).

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces darkens this shadow, showing us the undesirable characteristics of laziness, victimhood and evil, the very opposite of the Divine and devotion of Pisces. World (and personal) events continue to unearth on deeper levels the disconnect and massive confusion prevalent in social consciousness as well as the enormous dissonance suffocating the harmony that wants to surface (Jupiter in Libra).

This month presents a stable moment in which we can unearth from our subconscious the guilt we as a collective have been conditioned to feel and which is obviously so prevalent in our minds (Virgo opposed Pisces). The cycle of torture and masochism begins with guilt and it will continue if the cycle of guilt does not end. We always look to guilt and blame in violence. Instead of asking first ‘who is guilty’ can we ask ‘who needs to be healed first’? The answer then will surely be ‘everyone.’ Then hopefully we get to a point as a collective where we say ‘shit happens, but nobody is guilty.’ Then the hate that ironically begins in Pisces can end in Pisces and the anger dissolves into Oneness.

Reflections on Mercury Retrograde ~

Did this last week get you revved up a bit? I definitely got irritated a few times, but when the energy wants to come through, there’s no stopping it. This Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is testing my natal Mercury in Libra (Libra and Capricorn are square to each other). And what is Libra all about? Relationships and harmony. The question becomes: Where am I out of balance? And what are my needs in relationships and how are they not being met?

The upcoming Jupiter in Libra inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces on Dec 31st can show us where we have lacked discrimination in our relationships and we see this often through where we have gotten hurt. During this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, we can reflect on questions such as ‘what kind of conduct would I like to see in my relationships moving forward that would be satisfying to me?’ ‘What kind of words or behaviors am I not willing to tolerate?’ When we get irritated or angry, it’s often a sign that something is out of balance and there is some inner need that is not being met. So the important questions are ‘what are my personal needs in relationships?’ and ‘How am I not meeting my own needs in relationship?’mercury

As Jupiter continues to aspect Chiron and Neptune in the sky, the theme of Pisces continues as both Chiron and Neptune are both in Pisces (Chiron in Pisces until April 2018 and Neptune in Pisces until 2025). Personally I can’t think of a better time (and truly I feel we’ve been given a blessing in disguise) to heal our hurts. In fact, the future depends on it. Do we want to create and build from hurt and pain or do we want to create from a place of magic? We will uncover a lot of darkness since the process of finding Neptunian enlightenment is full of plunging into thick fogs of gunk and confusion. But enlightenment begins by asking ‘do we take this gunk and keep plunging into negativity and deep depression or do we learn whatever we can and live from those lessons.’

Jupiter can magnify our wounds but also how we can heal them. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn can encourage us to begin to build a solid, newer inner foundation from which to approach our relationships.

Uranus direct and opposed Jupiter in Libra and New Moon in Capricorn ~ Dec 29

Uranus goes direct next week taking its epiphanies and lessons with it into the New Year. With Jupiter also directly opposed it in Libra, these epiphanies can be magnified and the overall potential underneath is deep if not magical, especially in terms of relationship. With Chiron in the mix, we can heal any hurt that has come to the surface and feel grateful for the blessings we have in our lives. You can take heart in knowing that you can build a different dynamic with yourself and in your relationships into the future that will last and fulfill you. This theme will continue into 2017 as Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron are showing you a path that will help you feel more secure about where you are headed.


The New Moon in Capricorn will also be occurring simultaneously with Uranus direct – talk about a potent opportunity! It’s an excellent time to reflect how you’re going to operate in your relationships with respect to certain disappointments and dynamics you’ve experienced. You can solidify these changes and make it your brick and mortar method of operation so to speak. Balance is the key with Jupiter in Libra through Oct 2017 so you really have the potential to manifest this throughout this next year.                                   [pic:]

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn ~ Dec 16 to Jan 8


Normally there are three Mercury retrogrades in a year but this year we have a fourth one beginning Dec 16th. Mercury retrograde periods help you begin the process of reassessing and balancing things in your mind but other times, they can make things worse and you start the period off with tons of anxiety. All previous Mercury retrogrades this year have occurred in earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) and yet another one (back to Capricorn) so what is the theme here? The key theme in 2016 was reevaluation of the foundations of our lives. And throughout this reevaluation process, we hopefully learned some lessons. If certain relationships or setups broke apart, let them remain that way rather than go back and try to mend things back to the way they were. Often we don’t know what potentials we are capable of so we revert back to the same routine out of comfort or codependency. Working hard on our difficult emotions, which have especially surfaced this year, may have brought us an awareness of what else is possible in our lives that we never dreamed of before.

Mercury is retrograding back into the early degrees of Capricorn and will pop out into the late degrees of Sagittarius when it goes direct. Hopefully we will end the retrograde with an expanded consciousness on how we have conducted ourselves and how to continue into the future. It will shortly afterwards go back into Capricorn for another month which will be the time to begin to sow what we have learned and desire. Capricorn is also the institution so it will be interesting to see what happens during the next few weeks.

If you’re not feeling good about how you carried out your plans this last year, take advantage of the next couple weeks to reexamine completely and possibly throw out ideas or things that haven’t been working for you. There is never a lost opportunity in astrology and we are routinely given chances to start anew. It’s just that we have to understand how the process of birth and rebirth occur. If we work hard with an everlasting commitment to whatever it is we want to manifest, 2017 can be a totally new beginning.